Good manners strengthens an Owner/ Dog relationship

Dog Training and dog behaviour issues requiring behaviour therapy is what I do best.

Hello and welcome to Best Friend Dog Services. My name is Karl Sweeney and I am the trainer and behavourist of Best Friend Dog Services.

My main goal is to educate people to understand their dogs and to help create a happy relationship between dogs and their owners 

It is my belief that good clear communication between owner and dog makes a happy and enjoyable relationship all round and I hope to accomplish that by using proven effective science based training.
My dog training classes and behaviour therapy has a psychology based approach and is very different to the more common old school obedience training method. It helps us to understand and focus on the state of mind the dog is currently in (the way it is feeling) as the most usual cause of bad behaviour problems with companion animals are a result of stress, anxiety or lack of early learning and/or socialisation.

I offer top of the range facilities for your pets while you are away and I use fully certified solutions during our training sessions.

affection from Woodie

I do not use old style aversive methods such as choke chains or shock collars etc. as a correction tool nor do I practice any technique associated with the out dated belief of the “Alpha” – Dominance Theory. (For further information regarding this topic, please see the suggested reading list – Dominance Fact or Fiction on the left side column of the website)   

As a qualified Companion Animal Behaviourist  and Trainer and a member of the CAPBT and C.O.A.P.E – Centre of Applied Pet Ethology–, I work using ethical dog training and provide effective science based training and behaviour solutions  


Karl Sweeney DipCABT (C.O.A.P.E)


Ph: 046 954 2943

CAPBT Member